International Symposium: Vitruvius in the Nordic Countries: Classical Studies, Archaeology, Art, and Architecture

24 NOVEMBRE 2023

Centro Studi Vitruviani in Fano
Via Arco D’Augusto, 81
61032 Fano PU

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Vitruvius studies experience a new vitality in the Nordic countries, also linked to the recently published translations of his ‘De Architectura libri decem’ in Finnish and Norwegian, which follow the Swedish and Danish editions.  

The authority of Vitruvius and the legacy of his treatise inspired classical studies and the artistic and architectural culture in most varied forms for generations. The resonances of it are evident in the education of archeologists, artists and architects as well as in the modern image of the Nordic capital cities from 19th century. 

The Centro Studi Vitruviani in Fano calls for new studies on the topic in a wide range of disciplines, from classical studies to literature, from archaeology to art and architecture.

The international symposium in November 2023 will launch a call for papers to select new studies by young scholars to be presented in a seminar in March 2024. The results will be published in a special issue of the CSV new scientific journal ‘Vitruvius’.


15:00 Greetings

Mayor of Fano / Culture Councillor of Fano
Dino Zacchilli, President of the Centro Studi Vitruviani
Oscar Mei, Scientific Secretary of the Centro Studi Vitruviani

Antonello Alici, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Centro Studi Vitruviani

15:40 Opening lecture

Imparando da Vitruvio: 
70 anni di studi sull’archeologia e architettura romana all’Istituto finlandese di Roma
Ria Berg, Director of the Institutum Romanum Finlandiae

16:00 On Vitruvius

The Resonance of Vitruvius in the history of Danish architecture
Christoffer Thorborg, Århus Faculty of Architecture 

Vitruvius, the north, and the genius loci
Victor Plahte Tschudi, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

17:00 Break 

What about beaty and order? Vitruvius’s De Architectura, canons and narratives 
Lauri Ockenström, University of Jyväskylä

The presence of Vitruvius in Swedish classicism
Johan Mårtelius, Royal Institute of Technology

Vitruvius in Finnish – opportunities and challenges | Vitruvio in finlandese – le opportunità e le difficoltà
Panu-Pekka Hyppönen, University of Oulu

18:45 Round table

Mario Bevilacqua, Sapienza Università di Roma, Ingrid Rowland, Oscar Mei, Antonello Alici.


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